Petram Resort & Residences is a fully integrated resort offering a special lifestyle – which you purchase along with the real property. The resort is managed by an experienced consortium of partners through their new luxury Petram brand, which offers various real properties, investment opportunities and luxury holidays for all property owners, as well as their families and friends.


In the heart of Mediterranean Europe, the micro-location Alberi is an absolutely unique location, right by the sea – offering a sea view regardless of which way you look. Choose your lovely residence and relive your incredible experience each day of your stay in Petram Resort & Residences.














The offer includes a total of 55 villas, 12 of which have their own rooftop infinity pools, while the remaining 43 are wonderful modern villas that fit in perfectly with the Mediterranean environment in which they are situated. High construction standards enable immersion into the wonderful surrounding nature, while at the same time offering ideal privacy, luxury and serenity intended only for you and your loved ones. Seamless and priority availability of all other amenities in Petram Resort & Residences has likewise been ensured. As a buyer of a villa, you can opt for one of three types of design – the one most suited to you and your personal preferences.

Petram Resort
Petram Resort


The offer includes a total of 18 flats in multi-family buildings and 179 holiday apartments located in the main building (apartment hotel), ranging from studio to three-bedroom apartments. The flats and apartments are modern and open-plan with a view, with just the right amount of luxury and privacy that will enable unimpeded enjoyment in all occasions. High construction standards ensure maximum privacy and an undisturbed holiday for you and everyone around you, even if your guests are a little loud. You can choose an interior design package corresponding to your style and preferences, for each flat. You can also opt for a maintenance package. All of our flats include seamless and priority use of all services offered by the resort.

Flats in multi-family buildings

A total of 18 flats in three multi-family buildings, tailor-made for anyone looking for a top-quality living space or holiday spot. Each building consists of three storeys and a total of six flats, two of which are two-level flats. Each building also contains nine separate parking spaces.

Petram Resort


From your first encounter with Petram Resort & Residences, you will feel at home and in safe hands. The environment is delightfully intentional and pleasant, and safety is guaranteed within the entire resort. You will be greeted at the front desk by a concierge ready to collect your parcels, do your shopping for you or suggest new things you should try that are available in the vicinity.

Petram Resort

Mediterranean package

A refined, classical Mediterranean design style that is perfectly in tune with the region. Airy lines and warm solutions with delicate details give an immediate feeling of welcome.

Eclectic package

A modern and eclectic style that at the same time honours the tradition of the region. Intended for aficionados of a different, more avant-garde approach to interior design.

Luxury package

The most luxurious design style, intended for aesthetes and hedonists.

Interior design

Luxurious, warm, spacious and cosy – the design follows modern luxury trends with the latest materials, while at the same time honouring regional influences. Windows spanning entire walls of the real property allow sunlight to enter the space and create a palpable sensation of warmth, while at the same time providing an unimpeded view of the sea. The offer includes three interior design packages, and each buyer may opt for the package that best suits their preferences.


Our work is not finished when you purchase a real property. Quite the contrary; our wish and our duty is to ensure your satisfaction by always being present, but in a way that is unobtrusive and actually unnoticeable. Our maintenance plan is thus carefully designed in order to meet the desired level of service and fulfil the permanent purpose of your real property.

The maintenance package comes with all the properties, which means you do not have to worry about the little things and regular chores. Just unlock your door and let your holiday begin.


The package includes:


  • 24/7 surveillance of the entrance to Petram Resort, of access roads within the resort and of common areas
  • Irrigation, mowing and landscaping of private gardens and common areas
  • Plan of regular property maintenance in accordance with the resort maintenance plan
  • On-site custodian
  • Regular annual technical inspection of real properties within the resort and remedying of any issues (define warranty period) *technical service remedies issues that were not caused by improper use
  • Special work on request, for a fee
  • Weekly or daily cleaning service on request, for a fee
  • Rental of hotel towels and bed linen, for a fee

Sustainable construction

In addition to our dedication to using top-quality local materials compatible with and originating in the region, we likewise paid attention to horticulture design, which is authentic, lush and colourful.

This ideal combination of honouring Mediterranean building and horticulture, while at the same time leaving enough unimpeded views of the sea and the surrounding environment, reflects our dedication to sustainable construction. The entire complex has an A+ building energy rating, with high-quality thermal insulation and use of renewable energy sources. The heating, cooling and hot water systems are designed with pumps that use energy from renewable sources, thus significantly increasing energy savings and reducing negative effects on the environment, in particular air and water. In addition to that, we care about waste sorting and separate waste collection and we use exhaust-air energy recovery. Windows and doors are designed as aluminium frames with broken thermal bridge, the glazing is double-paned insulated glazing, which is low-energy and has a heat reflective coating. This enables residences to have large glass walls with unimpeded views, without resulting in increased energy consumption.

Visas and tax regime for foreign real property owners

Qualification for the tax regime and visa through investing. Enjoy the benefits of living in the Mediterranean part of the EU, including free schooling for children and retirement benefits offered by Umag.

Business premises for lease

Our offer includes a total of eight business premises. The premises are located in the main building – the apartment hotel.

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