• Petram resort & residences


Čista voda projekt d.o.o. is an Istrian company developing the Petram Resort & Residences project in cooperation with the famous investors MK Group and Aleksandar Group, which have a decades-long experience in investing and managing tourist projects, as well as constructing top-quality residential and office buildings.

Čista voda projekt d.o.o. serves as a local partner; it has experience in doing business in Istria and detailed knowledge of the region and its traditions, which it will utilise in this project.

Aleksandar Group

The Aleksandar Group company has constructed several hundred thousand square metres of residential and office space during more than 25 years of business activities in the Serbian market; as a result, it has acquired loyal and satisfied buyers and business partners. Driven by superior quality, complying with high standards of construction and honouring construction deadlines, Aleksandar Group has built a reputation as a reliable, safe and highly sought-after partner in the field of civil engineering and investment. High-quality work, forward thinking, trendsetting in construction and investing into young experts form the basis of the company’s success, and its latest projects, such as the residential and office complexes Kapija Vračara in Belgrade, Taurunum in Zemun, Aleksandar Bulevar Centar in Novi Sad, and K-District and The One in Belgrade, were already almost completely sold out in the pre-construction phase.


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Miše Dimitrijevića 72

Novi Sad, Srbija

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MK Group

MK Group is one of the leading holding companies in the field of agriculture, tourism and banking in Southeast Europe. It has been operating successfully for over 35 years, and for more than 11 years it has been investing in new projects in the field of tourism and the development of entire tourist destinations. MK Group has so far invested over 200 million euros in the tourism of Southeast Europe, and currently owns 15 hotels in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro, in majority and minority ownership. Cooperation with two prestigious world hotel brands - Kempinski and Marriot is additional proof of the credibilityand efficiency of MK Group business operations.


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Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 115e
11070 Novi Beograd

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Lotus Group and its partner Studio LAD 1 are among the largest and fastest-growing architecture companies in the Western Balkans, and the only companies with significant international experience. They have offices in Zagreb, Chicago, Barcelona and Zürich. They also have a presence in Belgrade, where they cooperate with Aleksandar Group. Lotus Group is known for its modern vision, its innovative, daring and impeccable architectural solutions which raise the construction standard, and for its dedication to luxury and sustainable construction.

Architectural designs were created by Maja Bručić and Eva Cotman.

Arhitektonska rješenja potpisuju Maja Bručić i Eva Cotman.

Parallelly with earning a master’s degree in architecture at the University of Zagreb, where she received the Rector’s Award, Maja attended programs at the Parsons School of Design in New York (Strategies – Cities, Services, Ecosystems, Integrated Design program), programs on contemporary architecture in Japan and programs on construction design in Madrid and Barcelona.


The founder of Lotus Group, she has more than 12 years of experience and success working in renowned Croatian architecture firms, and in her own company since 2011. She has worked on many successful projects in the public, industrial, infrastructural and residential domains, many of which received international rewards. She herself received an award as one of the 40 best entrepreneurs under the age of 40 in Croatia, and has won numerous awards in domestic and international urban planning competitions. Last year, she designed the new residential-office complex The One in Belgrade, which has elicited great interest from clients.

She earned a degree in architecture in Zagreb in 2007, when she also won the Rector’s Award for the best project in the field of architecture and urbanism. In 2008, she moved to Barcelona, where she worked with numerous renowned architecture companies, where she focused on the approach that she follows today – sensible and sustainable construction with modern architectural and designer touches.


In 2010, she earned a master’s degree in Theory and Practice of Architectural Design at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (now BarcelonaTech), after which she set up offices in Barcelona and Zagreb and, in cooperation with other companies based in Barcelona, worked on a number of large-scale projects that were recipients of international awards. She received special international recognition for her solutions in interior design, due to her pronounced respect for heritage and tradition. She is also a member of AJAC – the Young Architects’ Association of Catalonia, as well as one of the organizers of the International Architecture Symposium held in Barcelona in 2012.


Kamgrad je svih 30 godina od svojega osnutka među vodećima u Hrvatskoj u građevinskom sektoru. U svojem je dugogodišnjem uspješnom djelovanju postigao reputaciju tvrtke koju odlikuje vrhunska gradnja, profesionalnost, poštivanje rokova te tehnička i organizacijska perfekcija – a upravo su te kvalitete rezultirale izgradnjom više od 300 objekata i građevina najviše kvalitete i neprikosnovenim povjerenjem partnera i klijenata.